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Looking for nourishing tasty food grown sustainably and ethically? Well you are in the right place! Wild Heritage Farm uses live horse power to grow nutritious food while striving to enrich the soil, treat our animals as one of our family, build strong local community, and create lasting relationships. We use organic practices although we are not certified.

We are committed to encouraging the art of working horses whether it is connecting with your buddy, riding, driving, or farm work. Our relationship-based methods use natural horsemanship and are influenced by Parrelli methodology. We can help you get started on your horsemanship journey, understand and solve issues with a problem horse, take your horsemanship to the next level, or build your own horse-powered farm. You will learn the understanding and skills you need to train your own horse and be successful in any direction you want to go.

Wild Heritage Farm is located in beautiful Beavercreek, Oregon, just south of Oregon City and Portland.

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